SEO vs Adwords?

5 Reasons Why SEO is Better than AdWords

adwords-v-seoBoth SEO and Google AdWords are essential for SEM or Search Engine Marketing. When you’re launching a digital marketing campaign for your business, these are the valuable tools that will get you the traffic and the sales conversions that you need to rake in more profit.

However, recent data from Jammy Digital shows that SEO is actually better than the other in terms of long-term ROI, as well as effectiveness in conversions. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why SEO is better than AdWords:

1. SEO is Cheaper

Let’s take a look at how AdWords work – this is Google’s paid advertising product where a company pays to have their ad placed on the top or side of the screen, and each time an audience clicks on this ad, the company pays a certain fee that ranges from $5 to $60. SEO, on the other hand, does not require the company to pay a fee each time a visitor arrives at the site.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the two: the costs that SEO incurs are usually limited to the writer of the content, and the hosting of a website, whereas the cost of AdWords come from the clicks of the audience.

Martin H, a freelance SEO Manchester explains that “The costs of AdWords are unpredictable, and clicks do not necessarily mean sales. For SEO, you might not even have to pay anything if you write the content yourself – and it stays in your site forever. All you need to pay for is your server or host and that’s it.”

2. SEO has a Bigger Range of Searchability

AdWords is only limited to Google, but when you rank at the top of search engines for SEO, your page appears on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and every other search engine available on the planet. Not everyone uses Google and if a large number of your target market does not use this search engine, then your AdWords ad will not be successful.

3. Better Long-term ROI

Though the results of AdWords are instant, they’re not on the internet forever. They’re only available as long as you pay for the clicks – if you don’t want to spend for the ads anymore, you can simply turn them off. SEO, on the other hand, lasts longer. As long as your site is up and your content is posted, then absolutely anyone at any time can see it. You only need to invest in it once, but it’s there, in theory, forever.

4. Organic Clicks

Be honest, when you use Google, do you really click on the ads found on the top or right side of the screen, when you know they’re paid ads? No, right? What you look for are the credible websites and sources who rank the highest because you know they earned it.

About 70% of websites search engine users click on are organic – which are the sites found on the first page of Google. And how do you place your site at this location? Through effective SEO. About 70-80% of users actually ignore the paid ads – instead, they focus on natural and organic results, which will get your optimized content more organic clicks.

5. Limitless Content

AdWords has a limit to the # of characters in each ad. The headline should only contain 25 characters, 35 each for two lines of the text, and 35 on the URL display. This can be very tricky as you’d have to concise everything you want to say in a very limited space.

For SEO, however, the limit to your content can be endless. Typically, great content can range from 300 to 2000 words, which gives you the ability to fully express what you want to say to your audience.

When planning your company’s marketing strategy, SEO can give your business the profits and conversions that you need without having to spend so much. If you want long-term organic traffic, leads, and sales, SEO is definitely the way to go.


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